“Karate Workshop 2017” at the Consulate-General of Japan held

By Nazir Siyal
The Consulate-General of Japan in Karachi hosted “Karate Workshop 2017” here on Tuesday at the Japan Information and Culture Centre in cooperation with the Japan Karate Association (JKA).
Karate is one of internationally recognized martial arts originating in Japan and has become popular in Pakistan. Now it is believed that there are around 40000 Karate players in Pakistan. Also Karate will beincluded in the Olympic event from the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020.
In such a momentum, the workshop, with the presence of Katsutoshi SHIINA, a leading Karate player from Japan and JKA official instructor, 7th Dan (The levels are divided into “Kyu” and “Dan”, and the levels start from Kyu (10 to 1) to Dan (1 to 10)) offered opportunities not only for the participants to train their skills but also for people of Pakistan to explore more fun and excitement of Karate.
It is also promoted the recognition of Karate as a new Olympic sport in Pakistan and enhance the cultural relationship between Japan and Pakistan.
During three-day workshop, there are around 50 Pakistani Karate players each day enjoying their skill-up through the training sessions and challenging for Kyu or Dan promotion tests.
The Consulate General of Japan considered it important to establish the further relationships between Japanand Pakistan in various fields. The “Karate Workshop 2017” will contribute to development of our cultural through the Japanese traditional martial art “Karate” and enhancement of cooperation in sport sector towards the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020.

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