Karachi: Power supply off, 4 infants died in NICH

KARACHI: Four infants died in incubators of the state-run National Institute of Child Health (NICH) as prolonged suspension of power supply caused shortage of oxygen.
According to the sources, condition of several other children is also critical due to lack of oxygen in the institute.
Sources said that power supply to the institute remained suspended since this morning.
However, K-Electric company spokesman Osama Qureshi said the Pole Mounted Transformer (PMT) that supplies power to NICH is exempted from loadshedding.
The spokesman said that the company would not even receive any complain from the institute over power suspension.
He said that some technical glitch inside the NICH caused power suspension.
Sindh Health Minister Jam Mehtab said that he would personally make a visit to NICH to monitory the situation.
“Incharge at the hospital confirmed that there was a minor breakdown. He, however, said that only one child died due to that power breakdown,” Mehtab told to media.
“We have back-up generators at the hospital. Let us talk to K-Electric to ensure there is no power interruption in medical facilities,” he said.
He said that he has ordered an iquiry into the death of one child.
On the other hand, NICH Director Dr Jamal Raza said that there was some fault in an underground cable. But he insisted that this temporary power interruption did not cause any death.
However, Sindh Health Minister and Food Jaam Mehtab Dahr has said that he will conduct proper investigation to fix the responsibility and will not let any one to punish him.

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