K-Electric Outlines Precautionary Safety Measures to Prevent Electrocution during Rain

Sameer Nazir
K-Electric (KE) has advised its customers to adopt precautionary safety measures in light of a possible heavy rainfall in the city.

People are advised to be wary of fallen electricity wires as these lines are at times energized. Thus, coming into contact with telephone cables or TV wires could prove to be hazardous if those objects are touching live power cables. For the same reason, KE also suggests that people should not touch broken and wet electricity poles.

Similarly, people are discouraged from touching doorbells, generators, water pumps and any other electrical appliances when it is raining.

Citizens are also urged not to take matters in their own hands in case of a power disruption caused by downed power lines. Instead, they are strongly advised to seek the utility company’s expertise by calling their 118 helpline, or lodging a complaint via KE’s website.

“A small mistake or a slight bit of negligence could result in a fatal accident. So we urge our customers to take the necessary precautions because it may just prove to be life-saving. On our part, we will have our service team ready 24/7 to help out in case our expertise is needed,” said KE’s spokesperson.

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