K-Electric generating power under capacity: NEPRA

ISLAMABAD: In a letter written to K-Electric, the country’s top power regulator has ordered the power distribution company to ensure uninterrupted supply to consumers in Karachi even in the case of a 650MW cut in supply from the national grid.

K-Electric has a power generation capacity of 2,456 megawatts while it also takes 650MW from the national grid, said the letter from NEPRA.

K-Electric supplies approximately 1700MW to consumers in the city and it should continue uninterrupted supply even if an agreement for 650MW of power from the national grid is discontinued, it said.

K-Electric has termed the figures presented in NEPRA’s letter as contrary to facts.

K-Electric sources said that the company’s generation capacity does not exceed 1700MW — its demand in the winter season which peaks to 3000MW in the summers.

K-Electric sources further added that the nuclear power plant in Karachi has not been operational for over six months, and that NEPRA was giving the wrong impression by claiming that the company does not require the 650MW from the national grid.

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