The JUI Worker Molvi Abdul Rahman the s/o JUI leader Mufti Abdul Qadir Panhwar was kidnapped by some unidentified armed men in civil dress on Friday evening when he was sitting at hotel situated Rustam chowk road here in Shikarpur within the jurisdiction of Newfujdari Police station. While one suspected person was apprehended by the JUI workers who was handed over to police for further interrogation.
After the above incident of kidnapping , the emergent meeting of the JUI leaders was presided over by Provincial Joint Secretary Molvi Abdullah Pahore at Madarsa Qadiria on Saturday morning here in which the JUI leaders expressed their great resentment over the incident of kidnapping of JUI worker Molvi Abdul Rahman Panhwar which they turned as an act of preplanning conspiracy hatching against the Jamiat Ulama-e-Islam aimed at damaging the religious and political reputation by some of anti-JUI forces .
Later the joint press conference of JUI Leaders was called to discuss over the incidents of kidnappings of JUI leaders and workers.
Speaking at Press conference Sindh provincial joint secretary Abdullah Pahore , District General Secretary Hafiz Ubedullah Panhwar , Press Secretary Qari Mujeeb ul Rahman Madani , Molvi Abdul Bari Shaikh and Mufti Abdul Qadir Panhwar have condemned the kidnappings of JUI leaders and workers and said that in last Five months three JUI leaders and workers including Molvi Bakhatullah Pahore, Abdul Rahman Channa and Molvi Abdul Rahman Panhwar.
The JUI leaders Clarified that Jamiat Ulma-e-Islam had no any concern are relation to any other Parties and Groups involved in any anti-religious and terrorist activities, while the JUI had been supporting to all legal and moral actions being taking or solidarity of the country and welfare of the people by the government, they added
The JUI leaders however have demanded of President of Pakistan, Prime Minister, Chief Justice of Pakistan , Chief of Army Staff and other superior officers to look into the matter of the kidnappings of JUI leaders and workers to provide legal and moral protection of life , honour and the property of the Jamiat Ulma-e-Islam leaders like as the legal rights availing by the all other citizens in the country.
The JUI leaders have also further demanded the early recovery of the kidnapped JUI leaders and those JUI activists involved in some illegal activities may be Challaned to the courts of law if they were remaining under custody of law enforcing agencies for betterment of justice.

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