Juhi Chawla’s fashion mantras

NEW DELHI: Be it her outfits, jewellery or hair style, Juhi Chawla likes to go the ethnic way. However, of late, the veteran actress’ wardrobe has been accommodating more of Western wear. A peek into her fashion mantra…

Style talk
If I had to define fashion, I’d say it is something that you develop over the years. It comes with time and experience. It’s effortlessly you, a reflection of who you are and it stays with you throughout.

Indoors vs outdoors
When I have the liberty to curl up inside my home, I slip into comfortable slacks and loose T-shirts. For a party, I like to don Indo-western clothes but I am getting tired of that look now. I am gradually drifting a little more towards western outfits with nice cuts. A fashion nightmare would be landing up somewhere with your zipper open.

Health first
To look good, a lot depends on cleaning up your system. It is important that you eat the right food and keep your tummy clean for radiant skin. I like to start my day by drinking plenty of water. Always apply sunscreen while stepping out in the sun. Moisturise your skin regularly. My mantra for smooth skin is to soak thin slices of cucumber in cold milk, put it all over your face and nod off for a while.

Hair and there
I had not oiled my hair in a really long time but I have started to do it now to combat hairfall. Oiling and massaging cools your scalp, nourishes your hair and also scoops out residue of shampoos and conditioners that we have been piling on the head. Brush your hair upside down before you go to bed. It improves blood circulation and keeps hair healthy.

Bling it on
I like blingy accessories that compliment my outfits but I am not a big fan of fashion jewellery. I believe in the real deal. I like traditional Indian jewellery studded with pearls. I also like uncut diamonds set in gold.

My world in a bag
No handbag is ever big enough for me because there are so many little things that one needs. More than what I carry in my handbag, it is what I must carry – basic make up, phone, credit cards, sunglasses, chewing gum, a little perfume bottle and if there is still space left, I throw in my iPod or iPad.
Fashion icons
One could be well-dressed at some events and not up-to-the-mark at others. But I think Sonam Kapoor is someone who has become synonymous with fashion and is trying out exquisite styles. She is very stylish.

Word of advice
If you are short, opt for monochromes because a single colour from top to bottom makes you appear taller. Avoid horizontal stripes and dots on your outfit as they tend to make you look fat.

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