JI to hold protests over blasphemous caricatures on Friday

PESHAWAR: Jamat-e-Islami (JI) announced to observe Friday as Youm-e-Ehtijaj (day-of-protest) against the publishing of sacrilegious caricatures in France.

Addressing the JI’s provincial shura (council) here on Thursday, Sirajul Haq said his party would observe a ‘day-of-protest’ tomorrow, asking the nation to take to the streets for sending across a message that the Muslims will never allow anyone to insult Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) nor will they shy away from making any sacrifice.

Siraj said the JI believes in bringing about a change or revolution in the country through constitutional and democratic means, as any change that is effected by resorting to shortcuts and conspiracies will never be sustainable.

Therefore, he said, any underground and clandestine way of doing things should be avoided in all circumstances.

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