Javed Hashmi resigns from National Assembly membership

ISLAMABAD: President Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Makhdoom Javed Hashmi resigned from the National Assembly membership on Tuesday.

Addressing from the joint session of the Parliament, he said that he was not sure if he will be able to attend the National Assembly session again.

Hashmi said no PTI MNA had tendered his resignation willingly as he announced his own resignation.

Criticizing the present government, he said that Nawaz Sharif is in the rule for the past 31 years but could not resolve public issues. He said that he could not mention the injustice done by the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz during its 14 months of rule.

Hashmi further stated that Imran Khan respected him the most and no one else ever matched it. He, then, criticized Khan for breaking his promises time and again. He told that Khan promised several times that he would not violate the constitution.

Moreover, Javed Hashmi said that we should move beyond personal likes and dislikes and strive to solve the issues.

Hashmi emphasized that weakening the parliamentary system meant the problem of people would not be solved.

“Don’t put Imran Khan in the dock, put Parliament in the dock since the problems of Pakistanis have not been solved,” Hashmi said.

Senior politician Javed Hashmi arrived in the parliament today amidst applause of the members. The hall was filled with cheer and parliamentarians gave him standing ovation as PTI leader Javed Hashmi walked in.

Meanwhile, the JUI F chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman while addressing the parliament stated that it is a good omen that inauguration of his speech coincides with the arrival of Javed Hashmi. He said that dignity and respect of parliament has gone up with his entry.

It may be mentioned here that PTI submitted resignations of 34 lawmakers in the National Assembly this month in protest against the government.

Differences emerged between Javed Hashmi and PTI Chairman Imran Khan when protestors marched towards the PM House on Sunday resulting in violent clash with the authorities in which hundreds of protesters sustained injuries.