Is Ekta miffed at Shraddha Kapoor?

NEW DELHI: Shraddha Kapoor’s no-show at the promotion of her film ‘Ek Villain’ has apparently upset the producer

Shraddha Kapoor was supposed to make an appearance for the promotion of her upcoming film, Ek Villain, but she didn’t turn up for it and apparently, this has not gone down well with producer Ekta Kapoor. A source says, `On Thursday, Shraddha was supposed to report at the venue at 11.30 in the morning to interact with the media, but she didn’t turn up. The crew waited for her an hour and even called her but all their calls went unanswered. Finally, they had to cancel her interviews. The second round of promotional activity was slated to take place at 1.30pm and again, Shraddha was unreachable.`

With all their all attempts to reach the actress going in vain, the crew was panic-struck. `The team apparently informed Ekta about this issue and when she called up Shraddha, the actress is said to have told her that she was a little tied up and could only come in after 2.30pm. Ekta then asked her to stay put this time around,` says the source, adding that Ekta was upset with the actress’ behaviour.
While Ekta denied calling Shraddha, director Mohit Suri says that the actress was a little under the weather and thus, wanted to come an hour late. `When I spoke to her, I told her to just come for the dubbing as that’s more important.`

Shraddha Kapoor’s spokesperson says that since the actress had just landed in Mumbai the previous night from Jaipur, she was a little tired and unwell. `Shraddha is fully involved in the film’s promotions; in fact, she is in Kolkata on Friday and in Bangalore on Saturday,` says the spokesperson.

Ek Villain runs into censor trouble
The adult theme of the film, Ek Villain, is said to have landed the makers in trouble with the Central Board of Film Certification. It is learnt that the makers hosted a screening of the film for the Censor Board earlier this week – the first screening was on June 10 – and given the theme of the film, the film was almost certified as A. But the producers then decided to revise certain portions of the film in order to bag a U/A certificate. A source says, `The problem was not the violence but the theme. The producers then made some changes – they apparently edited some of the film’s dialogues – and resubmitted it for certification.” An industry source says that the makers were keen to send out a message that it is not a very violent or an anti-women film. `It’s an romantic drama, so post the editing, the film was resent to the CBFC. It has now been cleared with a U/A certificate,` says the source.

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