International matches will be held in Karachi next time: PCB chairman

LAHORE: Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Shahryar Khan on Friday announced that international matches will be held in Karachi next time around.

Shahryar Khan went on to say that he is 70 percent sure a series will be held with India and in case it does not go through then there is a ‘Plan B’.

The chairman also said that an agreement to invite the teams of Sri Lanka and Bangladesh to Pakistan next year will be worked upon.

Speaking further regarding cricket in Karachi, he went on to say that he will very soon inaugurate a cricket academy for the city, adding that the sport should be promoted further.

Shahryar Khan said that Zimbabwe’s tour to Pakistan was highly beneficial for Pakistan and along with Zimbabwe’s team, officials from other countries came as well.

The chairman added that the team left Pakistan greatly satisfied and pleased with the visit and tournament.