Shakeel Khan
Older people of Sindh walked down in Shikarpur and Jaccababd`s streets on Wednesday celebrated the International Day of Older Persons, while commemorating this year’s theme of “Leaving no one behind: promoting a society for all”.
The event saw District Federation of Older People Shikarpur and Al- Mehran District Federation of Jaccababd where hundreds of older people participated in the walks in both districts.
The walks were organized by HelpAge International Shikarpur & Jaccababad chapters under Age Demands Action (ADA) campaign.
In Shikarpur, the walk was led by HelpAge International’s Programme Manager Sindh Shahzado Khaskheli.
He said that this walk was aimed at encouraging a healthy lifestyle among the elderly and stressed the need for passing bill from the Sindh Assembly for older people to provide them with proper facilities and protect their rights.
Shahzado Khaskehli said that Pakistan was the sixth most populous country in the world; it is amongst those 15 countries where population of people over the age of sixty is more than 10 million. It is estimated that 7% of the total population of Pakistanis over 60 with a figure of 11.6 million and this figure will rise to 43.3 million by 2050.
Population Ageing is happening faster in Asia and especially inSouth Asia. Different countries around the world are developing legislations for protection of rights of Older People.
President, Older People Federation Muhammad Siddique Baloch, Secretary General Khan Muhammad and others spoke on the occasion.
Earlier, talking to Newsmen, Shahzado told that HelpAge International is launching the Global AgeWatch Index 2014 adding that such index ranks 96 countries according to the wellbeing of older people in four key domains are like income security, health, personal capability and enabling environments.
To a question, he said that at the same time, our Age Demands Action (ADA) campaign is taking place in around 50 countries worldwide. Activists are using the Index in their meetings with policy makers to discuss the issues that affect them. They are also calling for a UN convention on the rights of older people.
Earlier, the members of the older people associations met with Deputy Commissioners (DCs) of the Shikarpur and Jaccababd, District Officers of the Social Welfare department, Health and other districts officials.
The United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution on Dec 14, 1990 designating Oct 1 as the International Day of Old Age Persons.

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