Intelligence suggests possibility of more attacks: Ch Nisar

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Saturday said the intelligence reports suggest that there could be more terrorist attacks in the country.

“The entire nation will have to make a resolve that it would not be demoralized when faced with toughest of times,” he stressed while addressing a press conference here.

He said terrorists were launching nastiest of attacks with an aim to deal a blow to our courage and asked the media to side with the state of Pakistan rather than the government. “The media should deploy its force towards the cause of saving the country,” he added.

He said a committee, headed by the Federal Information Minister, has been formed to put a check on coverage of terrorists in the media and assured that no curbs will be placed on the media.

He said the law will take its course against Madaris in case there is evidence of their involvement in the acts of terrorism. He, however, added that Madaris of all religious schools of thought are against terrorism.

He said it was the government’s utmost effort to bring all the political parties on one page in the matter of National Action Plan.

He said only two parties have reservations of ‘technical nature’ on 21st amendment of the Constitution which will be addressed.

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