William E. Simon proclaimed; I continue to believe that the American people have a love-hate relationship with inflation. They hate inflation but love everything that causes it.
This statement of Simon is pertinent to denizens of Pakistan too as the perception of 95% population in Pakistan that inflation is increasing day by day concord with hiking rate of corruption and unemployment, still we as a nation are doing nothing for its dispel despite of setting a panorama of our debility and frailty which spawn ourselves as a volatile target of super powers in the map of world.
Veritably inflation and unemployment are not interrelated; corruption is complementary to unemployment and is also enmeshed with inflation. In a country where all the occupations are preoccupied, sovereignty is dominant over merit and whose government has done nothing for its youth so far but gave laptops to use for studies and after achieving degrees sell them to meet some expenses of medication of their feeble parents or any other destitution; unemployment aggravates intractably.
Inflation on the other hand is prime fount of corruption but this provenance is confined only to lower middle class. Elite class desiderata nothing for corruption and do it because they got it as a trait from their progenitors and as a chore they have to convey it to their forth coming generations after completely satisfying their lust. Nation is doing nothing but to accord with current situation, enduring the predilections and still looking forward for a revolution.
Dilemma is we are incognizant of underlying fact that no one else but only our equitable and impartial vehemence can cause upheaval and cataclysm in this country.

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