India’s defence establishment opposed Manmohan Siachen initiative

KARACHI: India’s defenece establishment opposed Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s desire to turn Siachen into “a mountain of peace” , Times of India quoted PM’s ex media adviser Sanjaya Baru as saying.

According to report, Mr Singh was very keen for the initiative after his 2005 visit of Siachen but then Indian army chief JJ Singh, defence minister A.K Anthony and Pranab Mukherjee opposed his him.

The India paper published excerpt from Baru’s newly launched book “The Accidental Prime Minister” in which he said: “I was never sure whether Antony’s hawkish stance was because he genuinely disagreed with the Siachen initiative or whether he was merely toeing a Nehru-Gandhi family line that would not allow Dr Singh to be the one finally normalizing relations with Pakistan.

After all, the Kashmir problem had its roots in Nehru’s policies … I felt Sonia would want to wait till Rahul became PM so that he could claim credit,” However, the ex-India army chief had rejected his remarks.

Meanwhile, Indian Medical experts team has reached in Sindh districts particularly in Sukkur to visit the areas where the children with cardiac hole/suffering and their treatment possibilities.

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