India lets loose more water towards Pakistan

LAHORE: There is a very high flood in River Chenab at the point of Head Khanki and Qadirabad, as India released more water towards Pakistan.

The Meteorological Department issued an alert that a flash flood of 900,000 cusecs water will pass through Head Marala this evening.

The overflowing River Chenab wreaked havoc in settled areas around it as hundreds of villages were inundated by floods, destroying ready crops and rendering thousands of people homeless.

The soldiers of Pak Army and rescue teams are shifting the stranded people to safer places.

A flash flood is speeding towards Head Trimo while more than 200 villages have come under water in Gujrat, Hifizabad and Mandi Bahaudding.

The flood from River Chenab has also entered Wazirabad city.

However, the water level was receding in River Neelum, Jehlum and Poonch in Kashmir.

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