Increasing Divorce Rate in the Society

By Iqra Ashraf
Divorce is a society’s curse. Divorce is something which is hated by ALLAH, but it is allowed because there are situations where divorce is the only option. In the last two decades there is a raise in divorce rate in Pakistan. Marriage is considered as one of the sacred institutions, which develops a strong bond between a man and a woman to spend their whole life together. The main reasons of divorce are: Lack of sacrifice, forced marriages, greed, Joint family system, difference in social status second marriage by husband and extramarital affairs. One of the main reasons is highly career oriented women.
One of the biggest reasons of separation is short-temperament and lack of patience in lives of both life partners. They both wanted to live independent and sacrifice their relation. Some times they do not care about the consequences of the divorce on their children.
Moreover, forced marriages also result in divorce rate, as in Pakistan’s society parents usually decide about the future plans of their off-springs. As a result, there remains a mental incompatibility between the married couple, which ultimately breaks the relation.
To control this increasing divorce rate, the husband and wife should develop patience, trust and friendship for one another and should take care of their respective responsibilities. Both should cooperate with each other and should be dependent on each other.

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