Imtiaz Shaikh says anti-Democratic forces never allowed to de-rail democratic system


SHIKARPUR: The anti-Democratic forces would be never allowed to de-rail the democratic system in the country because the democratic process was restored after long time so we want to utilize all legal and moral resources for its stability which was the singular way to serve the country and its nation through democratic process.

This was stated by Imtiaz ahmed shaikh the special Assistant to the Prime Minster of Pakistan and the MPA from Pakistan Muslim League Functional (PML-F) while addressing the media men on the occasion of an Iftar Party cume dinner managed by him at shaikh house in honour of the notable citizens and the journalists on Tuesday evening.

He said and added that those politicians engaged to de-rail the democratic system would be countered under the democratic system in the larger interests of the democratic stability and well being of the masses.

He said that some of wested political interests groups were bent upon to exercise the untoward practice of holding rallies and demonstrations against the government in order to mislead and misguide the people to create confusion between the people and rulers.

He called for the all opposition, political groups to shun the petty political and individual differences and come on one platform and avoid of exercising the anti-democratic practice to harm the democratic system because of there was no need of time of political agitations when the country was facing from the serious problems including law and order situation, terrorism, anti-social activities and other people’s socio- economic problems.

However Mr. Shaikh informed that he had approached to the prime minister to please him for sanctioning the many developments schemes for Shikarpur district as well as to provide jobs to the jobless youth in Shikarpur district particularly on his request.

He accused the present Chief Minister and his sindh cabinet for running the state affairs in slow motion towards the redresal the peoples grievances and settlement of their problems which caused to create the unbearable problems for the people to face for which he himself and his friends had raised their voice to settle the peoples problems from the assembly forum.

He said that the people of the province have come under the grip of lawlessness and no one was feeling himself safe. When the serious crimes including kidnappings, Murders, house, road robberies thief’s and street crimes were being raised daily.

He however Mr. Shaikh hoped that the newly posted SSP Shikarpur Javeed Jiskani good utilize his all legal and moral resources to crush the growing adverse situation of law and order in the district  Shikarpur without accepting any political intervention because to provide the legal protection of life , honour , moral and property to the people was the prime responsibility of the police.

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