Imran, Siraj renew resolve to jointly fight against ‘status quo’

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chief, Imran Khan and Jamat-e-Islami (JI) Amir, Sirajul Haq on Wednesday renewed their pledge to fight together against corruption and status quo.

They were addressing a joint press conference here at the house of Mian Aslam, Deputy Amir JI, where Imran Khan called on Sirajul Haq in an apparent bid to iron out any misunderstanding.

Imran Khan said PTI and JI share similar ideologies and, thus, they are naturally close to each other.

“Leadership of both the parties believe that massive rigging took place in the country’s history during the general elections of 2013,” he said.

He ruled out elimination of corruption and rigging in the future elections as long as those involved in such practices are not held accountable and awarded punishments.

Imran Khan said instead of verification of ballot in four constituencies the members of ruling Pakistan Muslim League-N were trying to hide behind ‘stay orders’. “They are trying to protect their rigging,” he alleged.

He said a government that comes to power through rigging is never interested in resolving the genuine issues faced by the people. “Their policies are only aimed at protecting their personal interests,” he added.

He said PTI’s ongoing sit-in will continue till ‘we get justice’. “Qadri is gone but make no mistake we will continue our protest,” Imran Khan asserted.

Imran Khan said his party would only end its sit-in if the probe of poll rigging charges is conducted by the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Earlier, JI Amir Sirajul Haq said his party supported PTI right from the beginning for its demand for bringing about electoral reforms in the country.

He said respect of the ballot box is indispensable and revolutionary steps are needed to protect its sanctity.

He also said that those involved in the rigging of elections be brought to justice and that whenever rigging takes place there should be a mechanism in place to carry out a transparent probe.

With reference to the ongoing sit-in by the PTI, he said it is government’s responsibility to resolve the issue by reengaging the stakeholders in talks.

He said it appears that the government was dilly-dallying the holding of negotiations with the PTI.

Sirajul Haq criticized the Hasina Wajid-led Bangladesh government for awarding capital punishments to those who stood with the Constitution of Pakistan. Therefore, he said, Pakistan should launch a campaign demanding reversal of their punishments.

Imran Khan and Sirajul Haq expressed their resolve in one voice to fight against scourge of corruption and status quo.

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