Imran asks people to stand up against oppression

MIANWALI: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan on Sunday told the students of Namal University that the only way to attain happiness is to live for others.

Speaking at a ceremony, he said amassing fortune and chasing wealth is not a purpose of a happy life. He said happiness comes when one lives for others.

Recalling his past, Khan said that he had set his goals for the future and worked hard to achieve them.
Khan said that he could have lived a happy life if he had thought money was happiness. The PTI chairman said: “We have done a great deal of cruelty to people by imposing three parallel educational systems”

“I want to wake up people so that they can raise voice against oppression and show intolerance to injustice and excesses,” he said, adding that society benefits when a man stands up against oppression and excess. Khan said that to him politics was like waging a Jihad.

The PTI chief, who is also the founder of the educational institute in Mianwali district, asked the students not to give up in any circumstances as “nothing is impossible…. nobody can defeat you unless you accept defeat,”

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