Research & Review: “History of Khaksar Movement in India” Thoroughly research and written by Prof. Amalendu De.

Inayatullah approvingly quoted a philosopher: “If you want to measure the ethical standard of a nation and portray it accurately, then look at the architecture of that nation”. If this is true, then, according to Inayatullah, up to the reign of Shahjahan the Muslims, as a nation, achieved signal success and that in their kingdom flourished education, wealth, peace, labour, strength, high thought, justice, honour and self respect-_qualities which made the building of the Taj Mahal possible by them. ‘While discussing this point he bitterly criticised those English authors for distorting facts:
As the Englishmen are dishonest in many matters, especially in writing their own arid Islamic histories, they have claimed that the tomb of Taj Mahal was built by the Europeans. Because at that time some Italian Stone. cutters went out of their country. So the Englishmen claimed that the Taj Mahal was built by the same Italians. This ‘Satanic lie of a Satanic nation’ has got some place in history. They are also saying that the tomb of Jahangir was also built by the Italian architects.’°
Thus they have developed ‘a new historical theory’. Again, in order to flatter and please the Englishmen a section of Indians often observed that they learnt self-respect from the English people and they had to suffer humiliation before them. Inayatullah attributed such an attitude to a false notion of history. History books which inculcated such wrong ideas in our schools should be burnt. It was the English who had the Muslim architectural designs copied in the buildings at New Delhi.”
He, of course, regretted that the real builders of Taj Mahal remained unknown and they got no due rewards. Similarly, the Hindus have not shown due respect to the builders of the Ashoka Pillars and the magnificent caves and temples of Ajanta and Ellora. Both the Hindus and the Muslims, in his opinion, deserve praise for their works of art and architecture, which constitute a positive testimony to their skill and high morality. Of course, the Hindu and Muslim architects built these for their Emperors and rulers. True, these have shown the way to the Englishmen. But it must be said to the credit of the English that they have got the names of builders inscribed on all constructions.

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