I see change, but not through elections: Musharraf

KARACHI: Pervez Musharraf says, he sees change happening in Pakistan but not through elections. Addressing members of his All Pakistan Muslim League, the retired General said if Nawaz Sharif brings prosperity in the country he is willing to work with him.

Speaking to his party members via video-link, Musharraf said he knew his life was in danger but still he returned to Pakistan. He said, he does not think like the common man and has started thinking for the country and he believes that Pakistan has a lot of talent.

He added that he knew there were cases against him in Pakistan but he returned anyway because he knew he had to lead from the front. He further added, that upon his return he realized that the threats were far greater than he has imagined.

He told his party workers, that he is facing a treason case. That he fought wars for Pakistan, gave the country a good name abroad and was labeled a traitor.

Musharraf added, that his concerns have been proven correct and no ‘change’ came through the 2013 elections further adding that the political system remains the same.

He expressed concern that Pakistan’s economy continues on the path towards destruction while terrorism continues to rise.

The retired General said, he couldn’t see any development projects and said, if ‘change’ doesn’t come then Pakistan will be in danger.

He said he could foresee change in the future, but not through elections. He added, that he wants to work for Pakistan like a common man and not for personal greed. He said he is ready to work with Nawaz Sharif if he brings prosperity.

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