I expected Armaan to get all the attention: Deeksha Seth

MUMBAI: Deeksha Seth says she expected her co-star Armaan Jain to hog all the limelight in their debut Hindi film ‘Lekar Hum Deewana Dil’ and feels that this will lure the audience to cinema houses. There is a hype around the film primarily due to Armaan as he is legendary actor-director Raj Kapoor’s grandson and Deeksha does not feel sidelined by this. “I expected Armaan to get all the limelight.

If you promote this film saying that Keval Kishan Kumar’s granddaughter Deeksha Seth is making her debut in Hindi films then people would ask who is he ? No one cares who my family is and it is natural,” Deeksha told PTI.

“With Armaan there is certain level of curiosity. It is good that Armaan is getting so much attention; it will bring the audience to the theatre. Both of us have equal screen space in the film. I don’t feel overshadowed by him,” she said. Apparently Armaan’s family members like Neetu Kapoor, Karisma Kapoor and few others kept coming to the sets while they were shooting the film. “I interacted with them when they came on the sets.

At the music launch of the film I met Kareena, Rishiji, Randhirji but it was for a very brief moment. I was a little reserved because I don’t belong to this industry and for me these people are like big stars,” Deeksha said. “I even felt like going and asking them for a photograph but then I resisted myself. But they are all very warm and cordial people,” she said. Armaan’s mother Rima is the younger daughter of Raj Kapoor and is married to Manoj Jain. “Kapoors are entertainers… it is in their blood.

Armaan is a live wire, funny and caring guy. Initially he was little reserved and I thought he didn’t like me. Then one day we started talking and hit off like two long lost friends,” she said. Kapoors are known for their love for food and whenever she would go for rehearsals or script reading at Armaan’s place his mother Rima would feed everyone with some lip smacking food. Deeksha has already appeared in films down South and now she is making her debut in Hindi films with this Saif Ali Khan’s home production.
“I got this film by co-incidence. I had come to Mumbai to hear narration of another movie. The person who I was in touch with told me that Imtiaz Ali’s brother Arif was planning to direct a film and auditions for it are happening close to where my meeting was. So I made a stop at Arif sir’s office gave my audition,” she said. ‘Lekar Hum Deewana Dil’ was not the only Hindi film that was offered to Deeksha. She had offers earlier but they weren’t exciting enough.

“I was offered Hindi films earlier but nothing excited me. Most of the times an actress is introduced in her debut film very glamorously and is all about looking good and there wouldn’t be much of a screen time. I didn’t want to do this,” Deeksha said. The model-turned-actress started her career in filmdom with Telugu films like ‘Vedam’, ‘Mirapakaay’, ‘Wanted’, ‘Rajapattai’ (Tamil film), ‘Nippu’, ‘Uu Kodathara? Ulikki Padathara?’, ‘Rebel’ among others. She is happy making the transition from being an established actress down south to being a newcomer in Bollywood.

“Working in Bollywood films is a different experience but my experience of working in the South films came handy. Since I have done only commercial potboilers down South, it took me a little time to readjust and relearn everything,” Deeksha said.

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