Human Organic Changes due to change of environments

THE HUMAN PROBLEM: Series letters to Scientists by Allama Innayatullah Khan Al-Mashriqi…. (Topics series)


Another but a very different type of indication about the potentialities of the human life has been available to Man more recently in his researches of Natural regions of Earth both on and above it. In the polar areas of Earth as well as in higher atmospheric region of the Mount Everest and elsewhere, Man has come to some suggestive conclusion with regards to the suitability of his present organs for those climates. For instance, it has been felt that only persons of a particular constitution and type of health can withstand the climates of those regions, that organs of human body suffer from the effects of climate without which Man can survive (e.g. hands, feet, fingers, toes etc.) that vital manual organs like the head, the eye, the ears, the heart, the liver, etc. are the least affected, that sexual appetite (presumably another unnecessary adjunct of Man) vanishes at very early stage of these climbs, (only four  miles above Earth), that food required to sustain the body becomes much simpler and smaller in quantity, that queer changes take place in personal ideas and tastes of climbers to a remarkable extent etc. , etc. These happening, if permanently substantiated, point to the fact that substantial organic changes are indicated by Nature in the body of man before he consider himself competent enough to make a conquest of lands beyond the Earth.

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