Research & Review: “History of Khaksar Movement in India” Thoroughly research and written by Prof. Amalendu De.

Now, the question is : How to realize the objects of self-reform? Inayatullah himself answered: the first thing is that the Muslims should not only keep themselves aloof from politics but openly renounce it. Dissolving their parties they should join the movement of self-reform and public service. This would enable them to gather strength within a short period. What could be acquired in a thousand years through pamphlets and lectures or meetings, could be achieved within a thousand hours. The person who would evince keen moral courage in making the nation strong should be the Sardar of the nation. Fifty persons in fifty places ready for this work would be able to solve not only the problems of eight crore Muslims, but even the problems of the entire Muslim world. No one would listen to the arm-chair leaders. But everyone would listen to the person who helped the poor and he would be summoned and obeyed as a leader. Analysing this point Inayatullah stated that once, while engaged in writing the Tazkira, he gathered such an experience in a train journey which greatly inspired him to follow the path of service. Inayatullah wrote that the Quran and God were always before him when he was writing the Tazkira.
This world was nothing to him and he himself was nothing. In such a mental state he was travelling by train from Peshawar to Karachi in the month of June for some domestic work. There was a heat wave in the deserts of Bhawalpur and Sind. The passengers in the train were taking their heads out of the windows and loudly crying for water. Thanks to the foresight of his wise maid servant—there was plenty of water with him. Getting down from the cushioned seat of his first class compartment and holding the water pot Inayatullah distributed water at different stations for six hours. Men, women, children—Hindus, Muslims, Parsees, Christians—all who this service also got down, came to him, expressed good wishes, blessed him and looked at his dress with great admiration. Learning from his old maid servant that he had very recently come back from England after six years and that he was getting Rs. 1,000/- as his monthly salary they were greatly surprised. Some women even touched his feet with veneration. This service in that train journey won for him permanent friendship of many.
Inayatullah referred to this outburst of love as ‘a scene of paradise’ commenting:
Seeing this I sometime thought that it is not very difficult for me to be come a Pir”. Thus the medicines which Inayatullah prescribed for the diseased Muslim-nation were these: The Muslims should be aloof from politics. Their leaders should free the nation from the complications of politics and receive quietly what the British Government and the Hindus were giving to the Muslims. For, to take the leaderless and weak nations, torn by their domestic quarrels, to politics was just like leading a heart patient to the top of a hill. Politics was another name of strength. Politics and acquisition of right from power are synonymous.
The strong nations would automatically become political in a day. So it was real politics to make the nation united and strong. Further, the leaders of different parties should dissolve their parties which were the root cause of all differences. No construction was possible without destruction. The sign of a nation’s health was to follow the middle path. A leader must watch the health of the nation and ensure its unity:
This prescription, Inayatullah said, was the result of ten years’ deep thinking on his part.

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