Uzma Atta

We are living in a society where bad words and deeds are in fashion, and are appreciated and approved by so called ‘modern people’. Good people feel embarrassed, looked down upon and called nerd, traditional, conservative or close minded. Where celebrities are idolized, they bless their fans with their presence. Taking the advantage of ‘Freedom of Expression’ all sick minded people speak up their mind to twist mind of listeners. Children are encouraged to be self centered and pursue their ambitions (right or wrong) dismissing everything that comes in their way. When parents stop them they are immediately rejected and seen as obstacle “I am your kid, not slave. You can’t bend me to your wishes. By thrusting your beliefs on me, you’re killing my individuality,” they say.
There are atheist people who are enemies of religion, and are trying their level best to kill the faith of other people. They attack the weak points of the religious people. Some of these people are highly educated and they are masters in Science and Psychology. They understand brain and emotions of people very well. Since general people just follow their faith, they are not master in the subject of religion. They have lacking in many aspects. The target of atheists are general people who lack knowledge about their own religion. They attack them psychologically; they mess up with their brain by creating doubts and suspicions about the religion, Their arguments are backed up with (science) reasons. They give a lot of scientific reasons to support their negative views relating to religion. Some reasons work and some don’t work because they are dismissed or confronted by scholars.
But still they are trying to convince general people of their atheistic views and deny the faith. They look down on the followers of the religion and make them feel guilty. This way they attack their psyche. They are spreading their false logic in disguise of entertainment via T.V newspaper, articles. They have influenced million of people. People who indulge in satisfying their primary desires and have weak faith are accepting them and losing their faith.
Most TV shows borrow the content written by atheist people. They shape their mind for their benefit and turn the public into herd or mainstream. Thus they misguide and mislead general people. They repeat false statements again and again. They know that they can change the mind through constant repetitions and emphasis.
Since whole world copy Hollywood blindly in order to make money. Muslim countries are also copying them in every thing without thinking. They even have started to telecast blasphemous American TV shows and films. They are corrupting mind of youths. We are too much addicted to TV, we can’t switch it off. The question is how we can prevent our kids from being influenced by twisted minded people.

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