How many calories do your favourite ice creams and pastries have?

Among the various desserts available, pastries and ice creams are favorites. Catching up nowadays are doughnuts, smoothies and cupcakes. Here’s a list of their calorie count so you not only satisfy your sweet tooth but also eat healthy. You may like to know why we crave sweets.
Menu No. of Calories
Chocolate ice cream (1/2 cup) 125.3 cal
Vanilla ice cream (1/2 cup) 136.6 cal
Strawberry ice cream (1/2 cup) 111.4 cal
Chocolate brownie (1 pc) 192.5 cal
Chocolate pastry (1 pc) 116 cal
Doughnut (1 pc, 3″ dia) 168.9 cal
Strawberry yogurt (1 bowl) 144.2 cal
Sweet yogurt (1 bowl) 304.8cal
Blueberry yogurt (1 bowl) 52.9 cal
Cupcake (1 pc) 94.3 cal
Mango smoothie with 50% yogurt (1 glass) 164.1 cal
Strawberry and banana smoothie (1 glass) 198 cal
Banana smoothie (1 glass) 235.1 cal

Healthier options: Desserts are generally regarded as unhealthy. It is mostly suggested to avoid them if you’re on a weight loss diet or are trying to eat healthy. The healthiest options, based on the calorie counts, are ice creams and yogurts. A half cup serving of chocolate ice cream has 125.3 calories, a strawberry ice cream has 111.4 calories whereas, a half cup of vanilla ice cream has 136.6 calories. Surprisingly, a blueberry yogurt has only 52 calories as compared to a sweet yogurt which has as many as 304.8 calories. A cupcake can be a healthy option with only 94.3 calories per piece. A chocolate brownie (1 pc) on the other hand has 192.5 calories, whereas a chocolate pastry has 116 calories, making it healthier over the brownie. Smoothies and milkshakes can be avoided as they are loaded with around 150 – 200 calories.

Indian desserts are also a mass favorite. Read about the calorie count of common Indian desserts.

Low fat desserts are also a healthy option for all weight-watchers. But, they are often regarded as tasteless and unattractive. Here’s a good news for all of you who crave for desserts but want them to be low on calories – Scientists have now found a way of making better tasting low fat desserts.

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