How could govt hold talks with proclaimed offender: Imran Khan

SAHIWAL: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan said he is being invited to hold talks with the government and wondered why the government wanted to come to the table with a ‘proclaimed offender’.

“I don’t want to engage in negotiations with the government,” he said while addressing a rally here as part of his party’s ongoing campaign against the government which it holds responsible for the alleged rigging of the general elections of 2013.

He asked the people to tell him if he had ever committed any crime. “How a warrant could be issued against me when I have not committed any crime,” he added.

Imran Khan said Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Co-chairman Asif Zardari and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had had a meeting in London. “I know what kind of plans they were making.”

He said both Asif Zardari and Nawaz Sharif are scared of PTI and accused them of striking a deal.

He said the Nation now knows inside out those who became prime minister thrice and took turns on taking the reigns of provincial governments.

Imran Khan said the election tribunal which was supposed to dispense justice in four months failed to do so even after a lapse of 17 months. “Will we ever be able to get justice,” he wondered.

He said his party has come out to the people of Pakistan for justice.

The PTI Chief said in the West if a government came to power as a result of rigging it would not last even a for single month.

He said people will continue to be treated as cattle until they stand up against rigging-tainted government and its oppression.

“A nation that keeps its head down eventually destroys its future and ends up becoming slave,” he warned.

Imran Khan said politically-motivated cases were being registered in the Punjab and that no such case was lodged in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa against political opponents.

He whatever was happening in Balochistan was the result of not getting justice.

He said in ‘New Pakistan’, he would not take loans and collect the required revenue from within the country. “I will bring every tax evader to the tax net. I will take tax from Nawaz Sharif,” he vowed.

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