Hiba Suleman prays for her father’s safe recovery

INDIANAPOLIS: Hiba Suleman, sister of Haris who died in a plane crash during around-the-world flight endeavour along with his father, on Thursday prayed to Allah for her father’s safe recovery.

Haris was found dead but a search still continues to find his father, Babar Suleman.

At a press conference, Hiba Suleaman who appeared to be a bold girl, told the media persons that her brother and father had had a formal training to deal with any kind of emergency during flight. Sometimes we plan one thing but we have to face something totally unexpected, she added.

Hiba said she and her family members appeal to everyone to pray for her father’s safe recovery.

Seventeen-year-old Haris and his father had embarked on a flight to complete a trip around the world in 30 days and emerge as a record holder as the youngest pilot to do so in the shortest period of time.

The plane crashed shortly after leaving Pago Pago in American Samoa Tuesday night.

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