Health benefits of Black pepper

Monsoons are here and so are diseases like common cold, cough, muscular pains and indigestion.

Black pepper that is both a spice and a medicine can actually save you from spending huge hospital bills for diseases that can well be treated at home.

Here are a few health benefits of these tiny black pearls:

Fights seasonal flu: It has anti-microbial properties that destroys cold-causing germs and helps in relieving chest congestion. It is rich in Vitamin C which is known for its effectiveness in fighting cold and flu.

Antioxidant: Pepper is rich in antioxidants that blocks the activity of free radicals which otherwise causes potential damage to the cells, that might lead to cancer as well.

Good for skin: Its medicinal properties can even fight skin disorders like Vitiligo.

Good for Arthritis: Its anti-inflammatory properties reduce inflammation in the cartilage tissue of the knees.

Good for digestion: It improves the production of digestive enzymes which keeps gastrointestinal diseases like diarrhea and constipation at bay.

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