Govt: to bear all expenses of treatment of Shikarpur bomb blast injured. Jam Mehtab Hussain Dahar.

Sameer Nazir
Provincial Minister for Health Jam Mehtab Hussain Dahar has said that the response of health department was rapid and swift as Shikarpur bomb blast incident occurred and ambulances of the department reached on the incident spot within 15 minutes. This he said in a statement issued here on Saturday. He said that emergency was declared in all government and private hospitals of Shikarpur and Larkana and well-equipped ambulances from Larkana and Sukkur also reached on the spot. Provincial minister added, ‘ All medical staff was called on the duty and were asked to donate blood themselves to save the lives of the injured before civil society comes forward and they did so.’
Jam Mehtab assured that there was sufficient stock of medicines and blood in government hospitals and all private hospitals were also taken on board. “To save the lives of seriously injured of bomb blast, 14 injured were flew to Karachi’ s best hospitals like Aga Khan and others by C-130 aero plane. ‘ He told.
He said that on the directives of Chief Minister Sindh all expenses of treatment of those who are injured in Shikarpur bomb blast incident would be borne by Sindh Government. “Presently 11 injured of Shikarpur bomb blast are in Sukkur, 4 in CMH Panu Aqil, 2 in Shikarpur and 4 are in Larkana being treated and mostly are in stable condition.” He concluded.

Biased policies in Asia further isolating US: Altaf Shakoor

Sameer Nazir
Pasban e Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor here Saturday said the biased policies of the United States of America would further isolate it in the Asia-Pacific region and create a new power shift in this most important region of the world.
In a statement, he said the growing economic prowess of China has baffled the US and it is taking imprudent steps in Asia, which would surely backfire. He said the US want to contain China through India and this flawed foreign policy would not only further erode the US power and influence in this region but also endanger the world peace. He said it would harm the US interests if she places all her eggs in one basket. He reminded that India had ditched the former USSR when Afghans defeated it and resultantly it went disintegrated.
Pasban leader advised the Pakistani government and establishment to rethink its foreign policy with the USA by keeping the national interests supreme to any other consideration. He said the government of Pakistan has taken the right decision not to invite US President Barrack Hussein Obama to visit Pakistan. He said the proud nations always take such bold decisions.
He said at the time when the US economy is nose-diving and the US dollar is being humiliated in international currency markets, and when the US diplomatic staffers are considered spies, only India is the nation that could summon courage to go for the flattery of America. He said saving a few nations like India no country anywhere in the world can fully rely on the USA.
Altaf Shakoor advised the US administration to review its policies realistically and in the interest of global peace and prosperity renew its relations with the Muslim countries of Asia and Africa for mutual benefit of the region and the world.

Sartyoon Sang Crafts Festival attracts Karachiites

Sameer Nazir
All ingredients of Sindhi culture were there. In an exquisite traditional crafts display at the Ocean Mall, a wide mixture of Sindh’s handicrafts made by rural women were exhibited, including home textiles, basketry, jewellery, dresses, dupattas and shawls, embellished with traditional embroidery and cutwork.
The event is part of Sindh Rural Support Organization’s, (SRSO) efforts to provide market linkages to rural women and artisans. The Festival attracted large numbers of women residents of Clifton and nearby areas on first day.
Muhammad Dital Kalahoro , chief executive officer SRSO told that the event’s objective was to facilitate better incomes for women artisans of rural Sindh. “We have trained more than 7,000 women from some of the most under developed regions of Jacobabad, Kandhkot/Kashmore, Shikarpur, Ghotki, Kambar/Shahdadkot, Khairpur and Sukkur that to help these women gain maximum monetary benefit from their skills, they have incorporated urban trends into their work. “In order to set apart their work from what is available in the market, we have made a few innovations, such as the net work done on the blankets,” said CEO Kalhoro. “SRSO is trying to get their products into popular stores, such as Khaadi, so that these women have a steady source of income.”
Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani, Sindh Minister for Works & Services inaugurated the 3-day event. Talking to media, Bijarani told reporters that the there are more than a dozen stalls, exhibiting a mixture of variety of traditional arts and crafts. Rukhsana Sarki, a stallholder from Jacobabad was seen busy with women customers. When asked about the prices, he replied that various varieties have different prices. “Variety of Cap (Sindhi Topi) is displayed at my stand. It starts from Rs 300 and ends at Rs 2,00,” said Minister.
“Prices are very reasonable,” said a visitor, a lady social worker. “I bought a traditional bag for Rs 700 only. Elsewhere it’s hard to find in Karachi,” lady told.
The ones who showed interest, a reporter from a private TV channel. “We should show our support for these women and their beautiful handmade textiles, clothes and handicrafts by attending these types of events,” she said.
According to Regional Manager SRSO Jamal Mustafa Shoro, “We operate in the most backward areas of the country,” he informed. “These women have previously been trained by SRSO but had no source of income. We’re trying to change that by bringing their products to the city.” This is second SRSO`s Sartyoun Sang Craft festival in Karachi.
SRSO is an NGO that operates in ten districts of upper Sindh, including Khairpur, Shikarpur, Kandhkot, Jaccababd, Shikarpur, Larkana and Sukkur, and aims to provide women with a platform through which they can earn a living.

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