Govt-PTI exchange ToRs, as stalled dialogue resumes

ISLAMABAD: The Government and protesting Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) held their first round of talks on Sunday, formally resuming the process of dialogue that remained stalled over the past weeks.

Talking to media persons after a meeting between the two sides, Jehangir Tarin of PTI said an MoU prepared by his party was handed over to the government which, in exchange, gave them their terms of reference (ToRs).

He said the next round of talks will be held on Tuesday evening.

Ishaq Dar, who represented the government’s side, told the media persons that nothing would be made public until the talks produce any result.

Dar said he hoped that things remain under control in Lahore tomorrow – the day of PTI’s protest in the provincial capital. He said Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz has instructed its workers not to come out on streets tomorrow.

Jehangir Tarin also said that it would be PTI’s utmost effort that tomorrow’s protest remains peaceful just the way it was in Karachi. “We have directed the party workers to hold peaceful protest,” he added.

Asad Umer of PTI said although there is tension between the two sides, they should desist from issuing inflammatory statements.

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