Govt actions may lead to army intervention: Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan on Friday once again came down heavily on Nawaz Sharif’s government and vowed that no one could stop the ‘Azadi March’ on August 14.

Addressing a press conference flanked by senior PTI leaders, Khan stressed that his party’s demands would be presented upon reaching Islamabad on Independence Day and none of them will be outside the constitution. “We will not leave Islamabad until our demands are met.”

Imran Khan said that the ‘Azadi March’ was not aimed at inviting army instead it was being taken out on a one-point agenda of electoral reforms. He said he would also demand action against those who were involved in rigging during last year’s elections. “I will expose individuals behind election rigging on Monday,” Khan said.

Khan alleged that no cases were resolved by election tribunals and were just disposed off. The PTI chief questioned why was the government now willing to open recounting on four constituencies. “Where were they (government) when we were demanding this since the last 14 months,” he asked

He condemned the illegal police action against his party workers and warned the government against using such measures.

Khan said that it could be Nawaz Sharif and the Punjab government which would invite army intervention through using state force against political activists.

Criticizing the government, Khan said there had been no investment in the country but Rs68 million had been spent on foreign tours. He said inflation stood at 9.2% while the power tariff increased by 80% during the tenure of the PML-N government.

Imran Khan called on the country’s political parties to pick between democracy and monarchy and stop playing both sides. The PTI chief warned that Pakistan would be shut down if he was placed under house arrest and that he had never seen a government as scared as this one.

Khan condemned the measures being taken by the Punjab government against Dr Tahirul Qadri and Pakistan Awami Tehreek saying this would lead to a reaction.

When asked if he could meet Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Khan replied he had no time for meeting the PM as he was busy meeting party leaders ahead of the ‘Azadi March’ and a meeting was only possible after the march.

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