Google ordered to pay Canadian woman 2K for showing cleavage on Street View

NEW YORK: A WOMAN has won damages after Google published an image of her with her breasts partially exposed on their map service Street View.

A Canadian court found that Google invaded the privacy of Maria Pia Grillo, by showing her sitting at home with “part of her breast exposed,” and ruled that compensation must be paid.

Court documents reveal the woman suffered shock and embarrassment when she stumbled across the photo when looking at her home on the popular map service in 2009.

Journal de Montreal reports even though the original image taken by Google blurred out her face, they neglected to do the same with her cleavage.
Grillo started legal action in 2011, seeking about $50,000 for emotional damage, including depression and bullying from her work colleagues.

Google agreed to blur out more of the vision, but argued that no money should be paid because Maria was in a public place at the time.

The judge rejected Google’s defence and ordered them to pay Grillo about $2,500 plus interest and $175 in court costs.

It’s not the first time Google’s Street View has captured some awkward moments.

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