Global Politics and Muslim World

Syed Atiq Turabi

In this era of global village politics have reached the level of infinite turn outs. Different countries especially western and other super powers like China, Russia, India and France are putting their utmost and adequate efforts to strengthen their position and status in the International and Global Politics. In every direction related with global politics, these states are usually observed straight forward to have their influence in global politics. On the other hand if we look towards the United Nations we found these states participating effectively, and developing and strengthening their influence in the United Nations Conference as much as possible. However in such race of the world, in which different states are trying to have their enough influence and status in global politics, the participation of Muslim World is inadequate. Most of the Muslim countries have failed to control their internal security situations as we look towards Nigeria, Iraq, Afghanistan, looking like that day by day in a series of order Muslim countries are going towards the status of instability.
Moreover, the Muslim countries which succeed to stable their internal security are playing inadequate role towards the stability of insecure Muslim countries which are in the grip and control of different of terrorist groups. On the one hand different secret hand are trying to destabilize Muslim countries and to collapse the unity of these Muslim countries, however on the other hand the Muslim countries are busy to throw the dust of blames on each other, even no one is trying to be realistic to observe and understand the strategy of those secret hands which in no way wants the betterment of Muslim World. The eyes weep the tears of blood when find those Muslim countries which posses or are believed to possess nuclear arsenals, having their opponent targets Muslim states.
Like according to the report of 2007 brought by Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, there are 4 potential targets of Iran for its Ballistic Missile possession, out of which 3 are Muslim states and the fourth is Israel which is potential target of almost every Middle Eastern Muslim Country, Similarly among 3 potential targets of Egypt 2 are Muslims, Saudi Arabia has 9 potential targets out of which 8 are Muslim states, in this way out of 9 Ballistic Missiles possessing Muslim Countries 8 Muslim countries have most of their potential targets, the Muslim Countries, except the Pakistan which doesn’t have any Potential target, a Muslim Country.
If we talk about the representation of Muslim world in United Nations, we found our status having no any proper and unique stance, with week status in almost every committee and Dimension of United Nations. Due to different conflicts between different Muslim countries, the entire Muslim World has failed to get a permanent representation in the Security Council. If we look towards the Muslim Nuclear program, we found only one Muslim Country that is only Pakistan, however rest of the nuclear states are solely non-Muslim Countries.
Moreover, most of the Muslim countries were considered as backbone of Muslim World, are surrounded by the waves of sectarianism and foreign interruptions. We can’t see a similar ideology in any Muslim state. Even it would not be wrong to claim that most of the Muslim states are making relation with another Muslim state, not on the Basis of Islamic ideology but solely on the sectarianism basis.
The very open proof for this statement is the relations of Arab countries with one another. The clashes among most of the Arab states are due to Sunni-Shia Ideologies. The conditions are so worst that the Gaza is burning since long but the Arab countries are not agree to help the innocent Palestinians just because they consider Hamas, as proxy of Iran.
Moreover, the co-operation of Muslim countries with each other is also disgusting. In Afghanistan is allowing India, which is pure enemy of Pakistan due to religious differences, to build its Counslets at different cities in Afghanistan but It is not willing to co-operate with Pakistan in order to make their territories safe and secure. If we think realistically, neglecting our internal conflicts, we found the influence of Muslim World declining day by day. In order to overcome this harmful factor these Muslim countries must unite, as this is not only a better solution for the peace and dignity of the Muslim World but also for the rest of World.

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