Geeta Kapoor Choreographer involved in accident, arrested

MUMBAI:Choreographer Geeta Kapoor, who recently got entangled in an accident case and was arrested for the same, says that the accident was unintentional and she’s glad that whoever got injured is taken care of.

“I think the Mumbai Police did their job really well. They have given their statement and I think you should believe that, because that’s what happened. They are trying to get rest of the clarification. Everyone feels bad, nobody does anything intentionally or purposely. I think when mistakes happen or accidents occur, they are accidents. This is not something that you want to happen. I am glad that whoever is injured in the incident is taken care well,” said Geeta.

When asked, if she feels guilty about the incident, she said, “If I would not have taken care of that person, then I would have had a guilt feeling. Whatever happened was unintentional and I feel everyone has been very kind. Especially the family, police and the media.”

Geeta feels sorry about the incident and says it was a ‘split second’ decision. “The lesson that I have learnt is that whether it is 4:30 in the morning and you think there will be nobody on the road, there might be somebody and he might come in front of your car. There was someone in front of me in a car who braked hard and I had only two options – either turn to the left to save the car which was in front of me, or to the right where people were sleeping on the pavement. I took the car to the right where people were sleeping on the pavement realising that the divider would stop the car, but it didn’t. I took that decision in a split second and I am sorry about that,” said Geeta, who will be seen judgingDance India Dance Super Moms.

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