Fourth pillar of state

Maryam Khan

There are basically three traditional pillars of any state: The Legislature, The Executive and the Judiciary. The three pillars, made the laws, apply the Laws as well as interpret the laws. Beside these pillars, Media is considered as the “fourth pillar” of any state.
There are three basic functions of media information, entertainment and education. Media had played a vital role in shaping the ideas of people. This is considered as most important pillar because it plays a role of bridge between government and public. In absence of media it is nearly impossible for any person to know about the government activities. Media plays an important role pointing out the male functioning of state. Media works as a mirror in our society because it reveals the harsh realities of life. Media plays very important role in democracy. It is also known as the “Back bone” of democracy and without media democracy is like vehicle without wheels. Media remind the politicians about their promises which they have made at the time of elections.
No doubt, media has aware people about their rights and has a great influential power but on the other hand some sections of media are under the supervision of government due to which it does not show the true picture of reality. Sometimes the element of “exaggeration” made a bad image of country.
At the time, when Pakistan in under many crises like terrorism and economy disaster media is playing a vital role and we hope that in future it will play his role honestly.I believe that if the media identifies its responsibility and work sincerely and honestly, then it can serve as a great force in building the nation. If media does not play his role then any one can do things, what he want.

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