Five ways to avoid brittleness to grow your nails faster

Who doesn’t want a set of long and sexy nails? But very few of us are blessed with such wonder nails as most of us the face problem of brittle nails due the unhealthy lives we lead. But you can now shed your worries, as Permanent Makeup expert and Executive Director of ALPS Beauty Clinics, Lets share some fantastic tips to grow your talons while keeping brittleness at bay!

Massage magic:

Massage your nails for 10 minutes after dipping it in almond oil every night before bed to make them stronger from within. The almond oil will nourish your talons; preventing brittleness and boosting nail growth. The remedy will show up its effects with steady implementation; so please be patient enough to encounter effects.

File right:

Always file your nails while they are painted to prevent further brittleness and turn them longer. Besides, it is advisable to never keep your nail-bed nude and apply a transparent nail paint to keep them protected and away from fragility.

Bitterness works:

Nail biting not only looks unattractive but can damage your cuticle, gums and can cause brittleness. In that case bitterness can often work in your favor! Yes, just catch hold of a taste-inhibitor to wave off your woes this time. Buy BITREX from your local chemist and apply it onto your nails with a nail paint brush, this awful edible liquid will keep you miles away from biting these bacterial “hubs” ever again.

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