First English-Sindhi Dictionary of Computer and Internet Terms launched

Anwer Siyal

It seems quite useless to speak on the importance of computer and internet these days as they have become integral and inevitable part of the modern society.
Almost everybody is associated with computer in one or the other way. That is why it has also become important for all to learn about computer software, hardware, internet and the other related things with information technology.
But no doubt it is also not possible that in this ever expanding and rapidly changing field to have knowledge about all hardware parts, software component, viruses, anti viruses etc. In this situation a technical dictionary of computer, information technology and internet terms is the only possible solution to have a quick reference of anything related to the field of computer science.
And Yadgar Dictionary of Computer and Inerrant Terms has solved this problem. Which is edited by renowned writer Zulfiqar Ali Bhatti and published by Yadgar Publishers.
More than l650 terms related to computer and information technology are covered in this dictionary with detailed explanations which makes this dictionary useful for students, etchers, researchers and other common readers.
Moreover this is a bilingual dictionary providing sindhi translation of all the terms covered which makes it even useful for those who do not have grip over English language.
It is a fact that to write a bilingual technical dictionary is a very tough task as the writer has to translate technical terms and definitions from English and sometimes exact equivalent in the other language are not found or not a appropriate or possible.
Moreover sometimes exact words found in the language to be translated have different meanings in that language which makes the explanation rather confusing. To solve this problem the editor Zulfiqar Ali Bhatti has tried his best to give equivalent of English words but he has given same words wherever he finds the exact translation would create confusion.
This dictionary enjoys also a unique position as it is the first English-Shindig dictionary ever published and it also contains comments of renowned scholars Syed Qlalaner Shah Lakyari, Dr. Fahmida Hussain, Prof. Dr. Imdad Ali Ismaili and Agha Noor Muhammad Pathan.

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