FG seals Red Zone in view of protest in support of Rohingya Muslims

ISLAMABAD: The Red Zone in Islamabad have been sealed in view of series of protest announced by the various political parties on Friday against the brutal and inhuman conduct of Myanmar forces with Rohingya Muslims. The district administration has stationed several containers in red zone while more than 5000 police personnel will be deployed in the area as preemptive measures. The various political and religious parties have announced to hold protest before the Myanmar embassy, which is located in red zone, in protest against the persecution of Rohingya Muslims. Some of the parties warned the protest will continue till the closure of Myanmar embassy. District administration has shut the D-Chowk by placing containers and further preemptive steps being taken in this connection. The protest against the brutality and inhuman treatment of Myanmar forces to the Rohingya Muslim being held across the country and people demanded to the UN to send international forces there to stop cruelty. The United Nations, in its report, said that more than 120,000 Rohingya refugees have entered Bangladesh since a fresh upsurge of violence in Myanmar on August 25. The UN report stated that 123,600 had crossed the border in the past 11 days from Myanmar violence-wracked Rakhine state.

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