Research & Review: “History of Khaksar Movement in India” Thoroughly research and written by Prof. Amalendu De.

Inayatullah was convinced that peace, belief and faith are identical, and these lie at the root of all movements. No one can progress without counting on these things. As long as the Muslims kept faith in God and the Quranic teachings, they moved along the right way and they were successful. ‘When they ignored these, they became inactive. Now, what they are doing without the knowledge of real spirit of religion is more wastage of their time and energy Both in his previous work Tazkira and in the present, Isharat, he reminded the Muslims of the orders of God and called upon them to march forward in order to establish their superiority all over the world under the guidance of an Amir (Commander). Following the order of God the Arabs boldly challenged the non-believers and conquered thirty-six thousand forts and cities within a short period of twelve years. When with the blessings of God the Muslims became the ruling power, most of them came to hold that they would enjoy God’s grace for ever and that they are the only beloved people of God. As a result, they gradually forgot the principles of Islam and began to misinterpret them for their own self-interest.
Within a few centuries the Maulavis misinterpreted and changed the laws of God and of Islam in their writings. However, as the fortunes of the Muslims began to wane the Maulavis preached that this world was not a worthy place to live, that it should be hated and that no one should look at it from any other point of view. Unfortunately the common Muslims fell a victim to this propaganda. Soon they forgot both religion and politics. Losing their strength in this way they forgot God. They began to worship stone-idols and revere religious heads as the shadow of God. They also thought that religion is private matter and it is of no significance for the materialistic world. Inayatullah stated that although divine rules does not practically exist among the Muslims, nevertheless the idea of God, religion, ruling authority and the aims of strength and politics on the basis of religion are still alive among them. Even today their cardinal belief in monotheism constitute, the main source of strength and pride. So there is no difficulty in creating the real sense of prayer among them with courage and belief as the nation is still loved by God.

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