HYDERABAD: Rallies and seminars were held on the eve of mother tongue day throughout Sindh demanding status of national language for Sindhi. Sindh Taraqi Pasand Party, Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz, Jeay Sindh Mahaz, Sindhi Adabi Sangat and other Sindhi nationalists and literary organization took out rallies across Sindh to press for granting national language status to Sindhi language. Rallies were taken out in Hyderabad led by Amrashi Thakur, Ashiq Solangi, Babu Shaeedi and Dr. Hassan Leghari. In Karachi Indus Social Forum took out rally the kind of which were also taken out in almost all towns and cities of the proveince urging government to recognise Sindhi as national language. A seminar was organised in Sindhi Language Authority last night which was attended by Sindhi intellectuals including Ibrahim Joyo,former VC Dr. Ghulam Ali Allana,Dr.Yakoob Mughal, Majid Bhurgri ( inventor of Sindhi software),Fahmida Memon chairman Sindhi Language Authority,Jami Chandio, Zulfiqar Halepoto, professor Saleem Memon, Muhammad Ali Deeplai. Speakers said that educatilonal deveopment was not possible without primary education in mother tongue. Two books of Ibrahim Joyo written on language and literature were also made public on the occasion.
It may be mentioned here that on mother tongue day India government suggested promotion of Sindhi language but in its own land Pakistan Sindhi language was being denied status of national language. The day has been declred as mother tongue language day to honor the struggle of Bengalis in united Pakistan when on February 21, 1952 Pakistani forces fired on the rally in Dacca for Bengali language in which scores of people were killed. The unrest culminated separation of East Pakistan as independent country 19 years later.

GR Gorar
LARKANA: A large number of employees of Larkana Development Authority (LDA) staged demonstration against non provision of 13 months salaries here in front of Larkana Press Club on Tuesday.
Hafeez Chandio, Mahboob Bhutto, Feroz Gul and others by carrying banners and placards shouted slogans and calling for early release of their salaries.
They told media men that concerned authorities have failed to address problems of poor employees of LDA, families of employees are facing the starvation and hardships due to non provision of salaries, added that their children have discontinued their education which is deplorable, they said.
They demanded of high ups to take notice of matter and release their withheld salaries and resolve their issue, otherwise they will continue their protest.

GR Gorar
LARKANA: Pirbhat Women Development Organization in collaboration with OXFAM organized two days training workshop for Police officials of Larkana district here at local hotel Larkana in connection with creating awareness about controlling early child marriages in Sindh.
The training workshop was attended by different male and female Police officials among Sub Inspectors, ASIs, Head constables, Constables and others.
Speaking on the occasion SDPO Yar Muhammad Rind said that it is necessary to implement on new ordinance regarding the new law, Police should change its behavior and serve the masses like public servants.
He astonished that Police are still unaware about new legislations regarding the early marriages before 18 years, it is very compulsory to enforce the law and implement on it in letter and spirit to avoid the unwanted incidents.
Famous social activist Wahab Pandrani addressing said that several government departments have no knowledge about the charter of human rights, every individual will have to raise voice against the violation of human rights.
Rubina Chandio representative of Pirbhat Women Development Organization, Murad Pandrani,Shanul Khoso and others also spoke on the occasion, said that new bill has been passed by Sindh Assembly on 2013 for controlling the early child marriages, but government has failed to get bill implemented in provinces, still premature marriages before age of 18th are in full swing, Police and district administrations are unaware, they said.
They told that Judges, lawyers, Police, Ulemas who offering Nikah will be provided training in this regard.
The new law has enhanced that minimum age limit of girls to 18 years underage marriages will be dealt with stern action among groom, parents, bride and Mulana to be sentenced three years in prison and fine 45000, added that around 40 percent Pakistani Women are reportedly getting married under age 18

Mercy Corps organizes Project Inception event of USAIDS`s MCH program

Shakee Khan
SUKKUR: Mercy Corps International with collaboration of Government of Sindh and Johns Hopkins organized an event of District level inception for Health Communication component (HCC) of USAID`s Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Programme atDistrict council hall of Sukkur on Tuesday..
Speaking the occasion, Provincial Coordinator, Mercy Corps International, Farzana Baloch said the HCC aim is to facilitate sustainable behavior change at scale in marginalized and under served districts of Sindh by creating integrated communication tools including masss media to support community action for improved maternal new born and child health (MNCH).
She said that the the component envisions a province where individuals, families and communities advocate for their own health, practice positive health behaviors and engage with a responsive health care system. HCC will address family planning and maternal and child health, such as timely ANC attendance, she added.
Ms Farzana said that the project will work to create enabling environments for change, bolster social networks and empower community members with a sense of self-efficacy.
She said that the core objective of the Health Communication Component is the implementation of a high quality Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) activities that will Increase practice of healthy behaviors within the home and community, increase demand for health products and services, Improve utilization of health products and services and Cultivate and spread social norms that support sustainable behavior change.
District Coordinator Aman Ullah Bughio said that the main activities of HCC for 2014-15 including to finalization, field testing and launching of an Interpersonal Communication (IPC) Toolkit to improve the interpersonal communication skills of frontline health workers and advocacy work and Public Private Partnerships (PPP) with political, social and religious leaders and extended utilization of mass media to deliver health messages as well as to organize Entertainment Education (EE) events using traditional media developed in conjunction with frontline health workers and community participation.
The meeting provided the brief introduction of the project as well created greater awareness among the district and provincial stake holders about the project and its scope of work.
It also provided families with tailored in their lifecycle and according to their needs on the continuum of behaviour, foster and eabling enviornmnet that engages communities and families to seek the health services, creation of standardized, easy to use and scalable community and family mobilization tools and process.
Additional District Health Officer (ADHO) Dr Ghanzaa, Dr Sami Ullah, District Coordinator Jhpiego, Sukkur, Dr Mansoor Ali Memon, Coordinator NRSPN/SRSO Firdous Jumani, District Coordinator National Planing, Dr Feroze Dharejo, Focal Person MNCH Dr Ali Gul Shah, Focal Person Contact International Dr Mehmood Qureshi, Project Manager Marie Stopes Society Rohroi Sarfraz Soomro and others also spoke on the occasion.
A large number of Lady Health Workers (LHWs) and officials of the concerned departments also participated.


Waheed Phulpoto
SHIKARPUR: Monitoring Committee NSUSC Union Council 08 City President Lala Khalid Hussain Hakro and social worker Jameel Ahmed Sheikh, Muhammad Ibrahim Brohi held a meeting with Director NSUSC Syed Muhammad Hussain Shah at NSUSC office Shikarpur here on Tuesday.
On the occasion Director of North Sindh Urban Service Corporation (NSUSC) Syed Muhammad Hussain Shah said that our first priority is cleanliness, create better atmosphere in city, we will play a role for sewerage system and will make sewerage free city of Shikarpur.
On the occasion he directed to Nisar Shar the In-charge NSUSC Shikarpur to ensure cleanliness and start development work on Jumani Hall pipe line for larger interest of masses of Shikarpur.
Abdul Haleem Sheikh, Imran Ali and other official of NSUSC were also present.


Waheed Phulpoto
SHIKARPUR: According to press statement issued by Jeay Latif Lakhidar Union Association President Abdul Ghafoor Dayo and General Secretary Ali Gohar Channa has said that we have established hunger strike camp three days ago but no any related District Administration Officer came to our camp here on Tuesday.
In press statement leaders further said that we are jobless since blast incident occurred and District Administration Shikarpur have closed our shops and we are facing financial hardship.
He said and added that some influential vendors have opened their shops but district administration not giving us permission to open our shops.
He demanded on the occasion to government restore our shops otherwise we will launch serious protest circle.
Shikarpur Bachayo Tahreek Chairman Mian Zafar Alvi, Muhammad Younis Phulpoto, Ali Asghar Pahore Advocate, Abdul Fatah Mahar, Imamd Abbassi and others visited hunger strike camp.


SHIKARPUR: Tooba Siyal, 16 years old, was accompanied by her mother protested in front of press club against the cruelties of her husband Molvi Kaleemullah appealed to provide protection by her brutal husband against whom she had filed a divorce suit for seeking divorce from “abusive husband”. Tooba talking to media told that, she has been married for 01 year before. When initiated the case, she was told by the office that the council’s chairman will form a committee within a month to attempt
reconciliation between the ‘separating pair’, as it is a prerequisite before any final announcement from the council.

Tooba is among over 300 women who have moved the arbitration council to seek divorces while citing domestic violence as the main reason.
“I am happy, but emotionally hurt,” Tooba said when asked how she felt after filing the separation application.

“Happy, because I see an end to the one year of continuous pain I suffered at the hands of my husband, and hurt because my marriage is about to end.”

She also shared other types of crime which committed by men like here husbands Molvi Kaleemullah that have scarred the lives of many women.
Stating the details she told that the cousins of her husband, Saeed Mastoi a SEPCO employee, Imran, Iqbal mastoi and others who are
criminal record keeper were instigating her husband to kill me as they could occupy the land piece of Molvi Kaleemullah.

Munir mastoi who show off himself as Major Intelligence were hurling continuous threats by his mobile number 0334259208 on the mobile number of his step father and demanded him to part way of his relation
with me other wise he would be implemented in false cases.

She appealed the Chief of Army Staff, Prime Minster, DG ISI, Chief Justice of Pakistan and heads of Intelligence agencies to trace out
the details of no as he could be made accountable for his wrongdoings.
Advocate Sikandar Junejo, a family laws expert, says domestic violence has always remained the core reason behind divorces initiated by women.

He said that in her legal experience, women could bear financial hardships and other family disputes to keep the marriage intact, but in the face of physical abuse, it becomes next to impossible for them
to stay in the relationship.

Junejo said statistics show that domestic violence was not limited to rural areas. It has also become an urban phenomenon.


SHIKARPUR: Deputy Commissioner Shikarpur Hadi Bux Zardari inaugurated a tree plantation and cleanliness ceremony at Government High School No. 1 here on Monday.

According to press statement issued by District Information Officer Shikarpur in press statement Deputy Commissioner Shikarpur Hadi Bux Zardari has said that cleanliness and tree plantation will be launched very soon and better atmosphere will provided to citizens of Shikarpur he further said that encroachment is established in main corners at Shikarpur and which will remove very soon he said and added that tree will be planted in all over government offices, Schools, Hospitals, entry and exits of Shikarpur.
On the occasion Assistant Commissioner Shikarpur 1 Mrs. Ayesha Abro, NSUSC official Nisar Shar and Irshad Chandio were also present.


SHIKARPUR: Notable persons of Hakra community held a meeting against inundated water in graveyard here on Saturday.
According to press release issued by notables persons of Hakra community held a meeting under the chair of Ayaz Ahmed Hakro.
On the occasion Ayaz Ahmed Hakro has said that our graveyard is situated some steps away to Kire Atta Muhammad Mohalla near Manchar Shah dirty water is entering in our graveyard therefore water is demolished our parents graves.
On the occasion Akhtar Muhammad Abro, Fakir Hussain Abro, Akhlaque Ahmed Hakro, Naseer Ahmed Hakro, Abdul Sattar Hakro, Khalid Ahmed, Fazal Ahmed Hakro, Dr Maqsood Ahmed Mahar and others demanded to Sindh Government and district administration to take notice above matter and demands to government will build boundary wall around graveyard.
Otherwise he threatened that we will launch serious protest movement against district administration.

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