Early Marriage: Why it’s a good idea

Hadia Rahman

Gone are the days when getting married was top of the priority list of the people. Young people today are in no hurry to get married even if they have everything one should have for getting married. Career comes first to most of the contemporary young people and live-in-relationship is an old taboo for the youngster lot so marriage is somewhere down the priority list. People of urban set ups usually think of getting married after their 30s or even later. By this time many are set in their ways and if the whole deal of a successful marriage is compromise, they are not willing to make it. The concept of independence and freedom is usually related to a single life. Most of the females get afraid of the fact that getting married would snatch their independence and would put a lot of responsibility on their shoulders which they are not yet ready to face.
According to specialists, early marriage (20-25) has much better influence on the psychological health of the married couple as compared to late marriage. Early marriage helps you adjust to the new life more readily and quickly whereas getting married later can pose many difficulties including easy adjustability and compromising.
Islam also stresses out the importance of early marriage as it prevents the moral decay of the society as a whole. Well there is no perfect age for getting married but yes, early age has some magic which can work wonders for an enduring relationship. It’s an age where young people still believe in promises and if an environment of trust and mutual respect is a given, the marriage is bound to last. It is for sure that children from younger parents will have better physical and emotional health.
Marriage is an implausible present given by God. Why to go for a date or make a girl/boy friend when you can have a person to love and appreciate for the whole life. Yes, early marriage is not necessarily an easy road but early marriage should not be a thing that is tabooed, but encouraged and celebrated.

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