Drought-hit Tharparkar: One more child died, digit climbs to 39 in month

THARPARKAR: One more new born baby died here on Friday, pushing the death toll to thirty nine in the current month (October).

Child died in the way to Mirpurkhas hospital after the local doctors advised for better treatment there.

Doctors told media that more than 90 people, including 41 children, are still admitted in the Mithi hospital.

The doctors also told that most of the children died due to malnutrition and unavailability of immediate treatment and care at homes.

Samaa also reported that several positions for the doctors are still vacant at Nangarparkar and Chhachhro hospitals of the area.

It is to be mentioned here that 464 children have died in drought-hit Tharparkar during the last nine months.

Despite many promises by the federal and provincial governments, the people of the area have got nothing and their condition has worsened with each passing day.

Environmental dexterous of Badin avows follow of chemical water hazardous for Badinain


BADIN: The environmental dexterous of Badin avow very hazardous water of chemical water follows in the Ameer Shah Water canal.

According to a report, DAMN Network Badin held a consultative meeting in collaboration of SPO Karachi at Gym Khana Badin. The participants & experts of the Badin have participants the consultative meeting. The environmental dexterous of Badin avow very hazardous water of chemical water follows in the Ameer Shah Water canal. They demanded to stop immediate follows of chemical water in the water canal Ameer Shah & demanded to take legal action against the Ansari Sugar Mill.

Moreover, they said that in the name of follow of chemical water lives of the thousands people of 385 villagers is being threatened. Inhabitants of the area have been succumbed of the fatal diseases like skin disease, eyes disease, scabies, Cancer & others & thousands of domestic animals also being affected.

While addressing the participants, SPO officer, Rahima Panwhar, Faiz Udhejo, Ali Murad Gadahi, Muhammad Khan Samoon, Abdullah Turk, Ghafar Khokhar & others said that struggle which was launched against the follow of chemical water follow in water canal of Badin will be concluded till the success.


Waheed Phulpoto

Shikarpur: Addressing the press conference here at Jamia Madania Madni Madarsa on Thursday evening the former senator and Secretary General of Jamait-ul-lslam Sindh (JUI-F) Dr. Khalid Mehmood Soomro has allegedly said that the PTI chief Imran Khan and PAT Chief Dr. Allama Tahir-ul-Qadri were bent upon to exercise the un to word practice of negative politics of agitation to damage the constitutional, democratic and moral values throw holding unnecessary protest demonstrations at Islamabad and other parts of the country to misguide and mislead the patriotic citizens of the country aimed at creating confusion and hatred between the democratic elected government for meeting their political ends, despite the democratic minded people have rejected their negative political tactics of staging non-democratic protest demonstrations in the country.

The JUI-F leader said that Inqlab March was discontinued after accepting the illegal gratification of crores of rupees by Allama Tahir-ul-Qadri who then proceeded abroad. While the Tahreek Azadi of Imran Khan was remained in limited position only to display the dances in his demonstrations.

Dr. Soomro welcomed Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on assuming his office and starting his political career as PPPP chairman and he advised to Bilawal Bhutto zardari for removing the corrupt and opportunist ministers who were involved in corruption and failed in ensuring the good governance in the province of sindh particularly in order to serve the people of sindh particularly following the mission left by Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Shaheed Benazir Bhutto behind them for well being of the masses.

On the other hand the JUI-F leader has said that PPP and MQM were allied groups to rule jointly in sindh therefore there was no any possibility for both the allied groups to leave each other.

While he allegedly said that PPPP and MQM were playing the stage drama for division of sindh and solidarity of sindh to show the people that there was conflict occurred between both the allied groups.

He said and added that MQM was playing a drama for demanding its separate province only to gain the sympathies of former Muhajirs (Urdu speaking) community to ensure the vote bank of Urdu speaking population. Thus similarly the PPP was also gaining the sympathies of sindhi local people of sindh to ensure their vote bank while delivering statements to counter the MQM demands for division of sindh.

On this occasion the JUI leader has strongly condemned the action of torturing on the employees of OGDCL and as well as Dr Khalid Mehmood soomro has also condemned the incident of murderous attack on JUI chief Moula Fazal-ul-Rahman at Quetta and demanded the arrest of real culprits involved in Quetta bomb blast.

The JUI leader has also threatened to launch the serious protest movement at provincial and country level if the JUI missing activists within the month of holly Muharram Sharif.

On the other hand JUI leader announced to hold large public meeting at Larkana on 28th of December to show the political power of Jamiat-ul-Islam Pakistan.

He also has allegedly has said that America wanted to create the religious and secretarial disputes to destroy the peace full situation and create disturbances in country affairs for achieving development revaluation in the country but all such conspiracies would be foiled by JUI in larger interest of the country and its nation.

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