Determined to eliminate terrorists and their facilitators: Corps Commander Karachi

KARACHI: There is a determination to eliminate terrorists and their facilitators, Corps Commander Karachi Lt. General Naveed Mukhtar said on Saturday.

“We are challenging their physical capabilities, we are challenging their facilitation networks, we are challenging their financial lifelines and we are also challenging their ability to manipulate systems.”

Addressing a National Defence University seminar here, the Corps Commander said the operation in Karachi would continue until peace was established in the city.

Lt. General Mukthar said along with the presence of terrorist groups several mafias were also active in the city. He stressed that maintaining peace in the city was their responsibility.

The Corps Commander outlined reasons behind Karachi’s spiral into violence over the last three decades stating that authorities responsible for governance and institutions had failed to provide infrastructure to tackle the city’s rising population.

“Karachi’s struggling problems are generally a result of political, sectarian and ethnic rivalries. However, its roots run deep into an incredibly complex structure of this city where special interest groups, criminals, terrorists and mafias compete for power, resources and survival. Law and order situation in Karachi over a period of time has suffered from series of failing and errors including administrative incompetence and political dysfunction.”

Lt General Naveed Mukhtar added that some of the reasons for these problems are structural but some are the result of bad choices made by important players and some of those can and should be corrected now.

The Corps Commander said Karachi’s police and administration needs to be liberated from interference.

He said: “thousands of people including security personnel have been martyred in acts of terrorism, and a nation where people are prepared to render scarifies could not be defeated”.

“It is incumbent upon us to discuss security and peace and it is our responsibility to maintain law and order,” he added.