Deputy Director Education cancels registrations of Private Schools

Mansoor Pirzada
Deputy Director Private Schools conducted secret visit at private schools during summer vacations in Daharki on Monday.

According to details, Ghulam Mujtaba Dayo Deputy Director Private Schools and Asif Mangi Assistant Director conducted a secret visit at various schools including The Citizen Foundation (TCF), The Educators, Engro Sahara School, Kids Garden, Ghazali Al-Madina and other schools.

The institutes were open even after the official announcement of summer vacations, while students were compelled to study and bear the load shedding due the recovery of monthly fees. Hearing the news of visit, principals of several schools left their offices.

Deputy Director cancelled the registration of Ghazali Public School while issued warning to other schools for the closure during summer vacations. He furthers said, if any school will be found opened on Monday, the registration will be cancelled and building will be sealed.

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