Demo against land grabbing by influential lawmaker

Imtiaz Gorar
A large number of traders, citizens and representatives of civil society staged demonstration and took out the protest rally against influential PPP MNA on allegedly occupying 20000 sq.ft. land and Petrol Pump of Shaikh community here at Shahdadkot city.
The rally chanting slogans against land grabbers started from station road Larkana, marching various routes reached at Jinah Bagh Chowk and local Press Club.
The protesting men were holding banners and placards of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto and shouted slogans in favor of their demands and called for the removal of illegal occupation on their property by PPP lawmaker and his armed men in Shahdadkot.
Talking to media Aijaz Ali Shaikh told that an influential lawmaker has violated laws and occupied their property worth over 60 million and petrol pump at Qubu Saeed Khan road Shahdadkot in the constituency of PPP Chairperson Shaheed Benazir Bhutto, now the MNA Faryal Talpur.
He alleged PPP MNA of Shahdadkot Mir Aamir Khan Magsi, who threatened and occupied on the Shoib Petroleum Service and deployed their armed men and driven out to owners and workers from Petrol pump and who are issuing threats of dire consequences.
Aijaz further said that petrol pump is established since 1983 with legal documents and they owned their property, while Mukhtiarkar Shahdadkot Usman Soomro and concerned Tapedar have tempered in revenue record and illegally change record by taking huge bribe, he alleged.
He prayed that they are also the voters for a long decades and occupants are influential, they had complained to former provincial Minister Mir Nadir Ali Magsi against his brother Mir Aamir Ali Magsi for allegedly occupying their properties’ but he did not take any notice, despite of assurance to resolve the issue.
He demanded of Chairman PPP Bilawal Bhutto, Co-Chairman PPP Asif Ali Zardari, MNA Faryal Talpur, Federal Government, Sindh government and Military authorities to save victim traders from the suppression of influential Magsi community, remove illegal occupation from the their property and provide them justice.

Dr. Mirza made responsible Rehman Malik of unfinished investigation of murder of Shaheed BB

While talking with media at Mirza farm house Morjhar, near Badin, former Home Minister & PPP Leader, Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza said that investigation of assassination of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto remained unfinished because of Rehman Malik.

He expressed that it was a prime responsibility of Rehman Malik to make complete the investigation being Federal Interior Minister of Pakistan. I was of opinion to include Rehman Malik & Babar Awan to complete the investigation of murder of BB Shaheed.

Both of them left Benazir Bhutto alone injured during bomb explosion at Pindi & turned investigation erroneous despite the content of lodged FIR, he added.

No one can make far-off Bilawal Bhutto from the politics & Pakistanis adores him & people of Sindh are ready to sacrifice their lives on Bilawal Bhutto & he is one real leader of PPP, he said.

Moreover, he expressed that Party chairman is annoyed because of deteriorating progress of Sindh Govt & disgrace & atrocities with poor people. Peopled honored PPP with their votes in the name of Shaheed BB & PPP made Govt in Sindh province but unfortunately leaders & their ministers instead of serving the people; they are looting the resources of Sindh mercilessly & busy to fill their pockets with black money.

Furthermore, he enunciated that Bilawal Bhutto is son of Shaheed BB, and never be remained silent in such atmosphere. Investigation report of 12 May & Painful tragedy of Baldia Town is accurate and based on the fact.

To a question, he added that rejoining the Sindh Govt by MQM & coalition of PPP & MQM is on based of their own interest & would not sustain longer. When thieves make their alliance than volume of pillage would increase rapidly, he claimed.


South Asia Partnership Pakistan (SAP_PK) and REAT Networks have jointly formed alliance of civil society Organization CSOs meeting on 10 February 2014 at Indus hotel Hyderabad. The main Objectives of Meeting were to promote and protect the rights of religious minorities through taking collective efforts for reducing the violation of Human rights, to Promote rights of expression, association and thoughts (REAT) and to develop pressure for legislation on force conversion issue of religious minorities in Sindh. The meeting attended by SAP_PK, REAT Network of Pakistan, IRDAO, Sindh Hari Porihiat Council, Human rights commission of Pakistan, Village development Organization , Village community development organization , Bhnadar Hai Sangat, Community Development Foundation ,Church World Services , Bhitt Shah Deceleration Coordination Council , SERACH Hyderabad, Sindh Development Society, Mehergarh Society ,National commission for justice and peace and other CSOs all agreed to make alliance for promotion and protection of REAT and Issues of religious minorities in Pakistan
Ms. Shahnaz Sheed SAP_PK gave presentation on aims and objectives of alliance Building Meeting and said that CSOs will play leading role in promotion and protection of human rights especially religious minority and report the issues of human rights in Sindh . She said that this alliance will raise the voice for injustice and protection of religious minorities and human rights issues will be highlighted by CSOs.
Mr. Jan odhano said that we need alliance for taking the issues of human rights and rights of socially excluded community. He said that southern parts of Sindh are captured in extremism and terrorism which is increasing for reducing the violation of human rights in Sindh . He said that Hindu are threatened and helpless and their rights are not provided. He said that we have need alliance for promotion of human rights and counter religious extremism in Pakistan
Dr Ahothma Human Rights Commission of Pakistan said that Non-Muslim communities are demanding for equal citizen rights which are alienated and provided by Citizen of Pakistan. He said we are highly discriminated on shops, restaurants, hotels, offices and other workplaces in Pakistan; we are not dealt as citizen of Pakistan and not provided equal opportunities rights in Pakistan. So that, we are demanding from Pakistan to provide equal opportunities and rights according to law
Mr. Punhal Sario Sindh Hari Porihiat Council gave concluded remarks and said that this consortium / alliance for human rights is deviated from dream and focusing on religions discussion. He said that we have transferred our view for human rights and peace for social justice in Sindh. He said that we have to struggle for rights of common without any religious discrimination. It was decided that next meeting of alliance will be held on March 10.

Waheed Phulpoto

SHIKARPUR: One more injured of Shikarpur incedent named Syed Aijaz Ali Shah was succumbed to his injuries in Karachi hospital on Monday night, whereas his son was already martyred in bomb blast incident. Therefore now the death toll of Shaheed was raised to 65.
While his Nimaz-e-Janaza was performed at Clock Tower Chowk here on Tuesday morning and was laid in rest at his ancestors graveyard.
On this occasion, the protest demonstration was also staged at Lakhi-Gate Clock Tower Chowk to express the solidarity with the victim families of Shikarpur incident.
Addressing the gathering, Allama Ali Bus Sajidi, Allama Maqsood Ahmed Domki the Chairman Shuhada Committee and other Shia Ulmas paid rich tribute to the victims martyred in the suicide bomb blast attack occurred in central Imam Bargah Masjid shikarpur on Friday and expressed big resentment over the failure in arresting the real terrorists and their supporters involved in Shikarpur desasters by Sindh Provincial and Federal Government till now.
However the protesters have again demanded of Sindh Chief Minister and Prime Minister of Pakistan to resign from their offices atonce and accept their defeat in search of the culprits who created the troubled situation of Terrorism in Shikarpur again.
The participants have also threatened to continue the Shia-Sunni joint protest against the Shikarpur incedent through out the Provincial and Country.
Later speaking at a Press Conference held at central Imam Bargah here on Tuesday Allama Maqsood Ali Domki the Chairman of Shuhada Committee has expressed his concern over the attitude of the all stake holders including Sindh Chief Minister Syed Quaim Ali Shah and Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif towards the serious practicable steps for arresting of the terrorists and their facilitators and failure for cleanup operation to be conducted on the training camps available in shikarpur District to uproot the terrorism to enable the people to sigh the breath of relief from the problem of insecurity facing by them since last many years.
However he on behalf of Shuhada Committee and the victim families of the innocent people martyred in the incedent of suicide bomb blast occurred in Masjid-e-Imam Bargah Shikarpur on 30th of January 2015Friday last, during the Juma prayer. He has demanded of Federal Government for Army operation to be ordered against the terrorists as well as terroristic training centres available in Shikarpur District.
He informed that the All Parties Conference has been scheduled to be held on coming Wednesday 11.02.2015, in shikarpur for finalizing the protest movement programme and make strategy for it’s success.
While the PPP and PML-N activists were ignored to invite for attending the APC meeting because of their sick attitude towards the due cooperation and coordination to the incedent victims, he added.
Allama Domki thanked to all political and Religious parties and civil society organizations who had offered their close cooperation and coordination to launch protest movement being scheduled on February 13-2015 at Provincial and country level by observing shutter down strikes and demonstrations against the failure of Sindh Provincial and Federal Governments in connection with arresting of the terrorists and their facilitators involved in Shikarpur incedent .
However the Shuhada Committee Chairman announced for long march to be started on February 15-2015 at 12:00 noon from Shikarpur to Karachi for staging the protest demonstration infront of Sindh Chief Minister House on February 17-2015 till the demands of the Shuhada Committee Shikarpur were accepted. While the good number of victim family members including male and women and children belonging to Sunni and Shia Ulamas, workers, civil society members, political and social workers will participated in long march.

SHIKARPUR: Responding the call of different social, political and religious parties, the shutterdown strike was observed here in Shikarpur to express solidarity with victim families of the Shikarpur incedent Shaheeds here on Tuesday.
The Bazars and business and trade centres were remained closed on the occasion.
Meanwhile on the occasion, the protest rally was taken out by the activists of Jamiat Ulma-e-Pakistan-JUI (Fazul-U-Rahman group) in protest against the martyrdom of former JUI Sindh General Secretary Dr. Khalid Mehmood Soomro and the innocent people martyred in Shikarpur incedent .
The rally was led by Moulana Abdullah Pahore, Qari Mujeeb-u-Rahman Madani and other JUI leaders.
The rally while marching on city main roads reached at Allah Wala Chowk was turned into the demonstration there.
Addressing the participants, the JUI leaders expressed their deep concern over the failure of Government in detection of the terrorist cases of the murder of Dr. Khalid Mehmood Soomro and the martyrs of Shikarpur incident.
However they have demanded the arrests of the real culprits involved in both the desasters without any further delay. Otherwise the serious protest movement would be launched country wise, they threatened.

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