Declan Walsh releases documents related to Axact investigation

New York Times journalist Declan Walsh has released documents related to the paper’s investigation of Pakistani IT company Axact. The NYT in a report claimed that Axact had made millions from selling fake degrees through online school websites.

Listed below are some of the documents which were released by Walsh.

1.Disgruntled American students of two major fake degree mills, Belford High School and Belford University, brought a class-action lawsuit in an American court in 2009. It ended three years later with a $22.7m judgment against the schools. During the hearings, a Karachi man named Salem Kureshi claimed to be the owner of the schools and denied any link to Axact. But these two documents — registration documents for the schools’ mailboxes in Texas and California – show that their mail was being forwarded to Axact’s Karachi headquarters.