Cyclone Nanauk: more than 30 villages of coastal belt inundated

KARACHI: More than 30 villages of Sindh and Makran coastal belt submerged as sea level has risen due to the cyclone which is likely to strike the coastal areas of Oman this Sunday.

The contact of fishermen with their families has cut off, while rain has also been forecast today (Saturday).

Light rain and high velocity winds are continuing in coastal areas of Thatta.

Protective embankment of Keti Bunder in Thatta was damaged as a result more than 30 villages including Keti Bander, Kharochhan and Ghorabari were flooded and the local residents were migrating towards safer place.

In Balochistan sea water has entered Dam, Sonmiani, Gadani shipyard and several other coastal areas, resulting people are shifting to safer areas.

As many as 25 boats were damaged when waves hit beach in Jewani area along Balochistan coast.

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