Countrywide conference, rallies to pay homage to Khaksar martyrs of 19 March, 1940.

Sameer Nazir

KARACHI: Khaksar Tehrik will pay homage and 21 gun salute to the martyrs of Lahore massacre of 19th March, 1940; those, who laid their lives for the struggle of independence of Muslims of sub-continent.

“Khaksar Shuhda Conferences” and different rallies will be taken out in all provincial cities among Karachi, Lahore, Abbotabad/Peshawer and other parts of world here on Sunday. Shuhda conferences to pay tributes to the martyrs, they sacrificed their lives and fight against the British rule for independence.

Before, Shuhda conference and rallies Khaksar workers will observe a 21 gun salute on 12:05 pm in the remeberance of 19th March, 1940 martyres, followed by Conferences and rallies will march past from different thoroughfares and culminated at city Press Clubs on the occasion.

Chief Khaksar Tehreek Dr. Sabiha AL-Mashriqi has emphasized that bold struggle led to the success, so that nation needs a brave leadership for face the challenges to Muslims world, adding that after the Indo-Pak subcontinent Muslims divided and there is no proper wayout.

There is dire need to encourage 80 percent and 15 percent educated, honest and enlightened class to handover such an authority to them for all removal of evils in society Khaksar leader said.

Dr. Sabiha said founder Khaksar Tehrik Allama Mashriqi warned that it was unfortunate particularly Pakistani rulers, they have not realized upcoming agony, while collapse of Indo-Pak and permanent threat to the world of nations due to British and US policies in the region.

Khaksar leader said that the saga of sage of Khaksar Tehrik was to devote their lives for the struggle and independence from British, so that 313 Khaksar Mujahid/activists laid their liveson 19th March 1940, obviously, it was a foundation day of Pakistan after four days of massacre in Lahore.

The history proved the sacrifices and struggle during independent of Pakistan, it was only due to Khaksar sacrifices and now the present rulers have made the country of anarchy and various threats, which can be only, sort out by “Muhallawar system” of Khaksar Tehreek she declared.

Since the failures of rulers in every aspect and numerous challenges increasing lawlessness, injustices, high level corruption, soaring prices of commodities, terrorism, inflation, poverty, and other issues are common in country.

Khaksar Tehrik can play its part by re struggle and sacrifices of nation after the conspiracies of rulers and political leaders’ only for their vested interests has weakened country and its solidarity.

It is time to start struggle and to hold power only to class wise system in every streets and Unions Councils must develop leadershiop character building skills. Khaksar Tehrik understands the only solution is to remove 5 percent elite class by such a class wise rule in country she said.

Chief Khaksar evoked true spirit of Islam and demanded of the Chief of Army Staff and other rulers to implement the spirit of Muhallawar system under Khaksar Tehrik and character development with trainings and implementations.

Accordingly to Khaksar Tehrik of Allama Mashriqi, 5 percent elite classhave occupied all the resources, so that they should be separated from the power and the constituencies accordingly.

Khaksar Leaders said we need once collective efforts and sacrifice for our country to take efforts by spending our skills and resources on national level as the path of success, which sacrifice of Khaksars proved in March 19, 1940.

We should fight against bad and a cruel shape of British remains; they occupied on the resources and tarnished the image of Muslims and independence. So that we need another sacrifice to wage wars against our own for the country and its solidarity Sabiha said.

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