Commuters’ face travelling issues due to dilapidated road condition

By Muhammad Irshad Qureshi
The dilapidated condition of Shujabad to Lodhran road crossing difficulties for the residents to travel between two cities.
Chairman’s UC Raja Ram Mian Ayyaz Bodla, UC Maari Noon Rao Intazar Ali Kosar, Kotli Nijabat M. Hussain Dumra, Shah Musa Munawar Khan Joiya have said that owing to bad condition of the road, it took hours to cover a few kilometers on, multiplying suffering of commuters, especially ailing patients being transported through this road while transporters charged double fare.
They have demanded repair the road to end their difficulties and economic growth in the area#

Chemists and druggists Association observes strike

By Muhammad Irshad Qureshi
Chemists and druggists Association completely shutter down strike in support of their demands here on Monday.
Secretary General Chemist association Irfan Khan said that Govt. of Punjab stop the economic death of pharma industry and the edit form is not acceptable.
He also added that the planned conspiracy is being shut down and strike will continue till not meet the demands#

Teachers and Parents face to face on students issues in schools

By Muhammad Irshad Qureshi
The number of students has dropped from 150 to just 4 in the Govt. girl’s primary school Chak Jhalar in Shujabad due to the teacher’s bad behavior with students and their parents.
The parents said, school teacher attitude is very degrading humiliation.
They added that it’s bad behavior the other teachers have been transferred to other schools. Parents said that this school has no clean drinking water facility and the students have been asked to bring water for their consumption in plastic bottles from home, he adds.
Due to bad behavior and lack of facilities parents send their children to private school.
However the teacher in private school said, a lack of parental support was among the main reasons for declining behavior standards

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